Friday, 18 December 2009

Salute to Crushmaster and Gamespot's anti-Christian actions

I got moderated on Gamespot for speaking my mind on the anti-Christian tactics the mods/admins on Gamespot have done. Since they decided to censor my comments over there, I'll post it here where it is outside their jurisdiction.

It is with sadness to report that the leader of the Christian Witness Union, Crushmaster, has been banned from Gamespot. I don't know of all the details, but it has something to do with him expressing the Christian viewpoint on something. He is a strong Christian who will be missed very much.

It is no secret that expressing the Christian viewpoint on any issue on Gamespot has become harder as time goes on. I have also noticed that a lot of the Gamespot mods/admins, even some of those who claim to be Christian themselves, will be hostile towards the Christian user. What they claim violates the TOU is so subjective, that they might as well say that any viewpoint that they don't like violates the TOU.

I know that Gamespot is primarily a video game site. But we do a lot of talking on other subjects. The Christian perspective on many issues is not a politically correct perspective and never will be. If Gamespot doesn't want the Christian perspective expressed, then they might as well come out and say it, instead of making Christians do an enormous amount of "verbal acrobating" in an attempt to word the Christian perspective in accordance to their personal interpretation of the TOU.

I know that Gamespot wants everyone to be respectful. However, being respectful should not require softening or compromising the Christian persective on the issues.

In addition to not being able to express the Christian perspective on various issues on Gamespot, there is also evidence of other people saying insulting things about Christians with the mods/admins not removing it despite it being reported.

Here is a 1 hour video called Speechless - Silencing The Christians

I am getting sick and tired of the mods/admins trying to hide behind the TOS to justify giving Christians a hard time and to promote immorality.

When I agreed to the TOS, I didn't agree to having the Christian world view on the issues being censored.

What happens is that when someone says something about homosexuality that someone doesn't like, they report it to the mods/admins. Then the individual mod/admin use their own judgement (not the TOS) to decide if the statement is offensive and then *claim* that it violates the TOS. I do not advocate any violence against those who practice homosexuality, but I cannot change the fact that homosexuality is contrary to God's teachings. If saying that is contrary to the TOS, then the TOS is anti-Christian.

When the mods/admins go before God on the day of Judgement, He will not accept the excuse, "we went by the TOS" if the TOS is contrary to God's law.

The mods/admins should not take the view that questioning homosexual actions is some kind of "stereotyping" or being offensive. For example, when I'm in a political discussion talking about the reason why homosexuals are not wanted in the military, the issues should be left open to discussion or debate. It should not be arbitrarily decided by a mod/admin that the reasons themselves are offensive when they are genuine concerns of the military, and then moderate the post and hinder discussion on the issue in the process.

The mods are trying to make it look as if it is limited to the tos, but it's much more than that. The mods are moderating for things not specifically mentioned in the tos and then saying that it violates the tos. So they really are using their own interpretation and not going by what is specifically mentioned.

The fact that the mods/admins are making rules that make Christian expression on Gamespot harder is proof of that.

It's not just Crushmaster, but on how the mods have been treating Christians as a whole lately. They are no better than the police in my links who are arresting them for things that do not break the law.

Moderations of these types seem to be in accordance to the individual opinion of the moderator that happens to come across it. For example, btaylor2404 might not moderate a person quoting Bible verses against homosexuality, but another moderator might. The TOU says not to make offensive comments, but what constitutes being offensive seems to be up to the individual moderators. Homosexuals and the people who support them as a whole are known to find any negative comment about homosexuals as offensive, regardless on how diplomatic the wording is, so I would not trust that kind of judgement to decide what is offensive.

Wednesday, 25 March 2009

Veganism is crazy over the honey issue!

I'm not vegan, but I am a lacto-ovo vegetarian. That means that I eat a plant based diet with dairy and eggs. However, I am really turned off by the attitude that a lot of vegans have over the honey issue. Vegans say that honey is an animal product and that anyone who consumes it should not call themselves a vegan. Others disagree and say that honey is really processed flower nectar. Unlike meat, dairy and eggs, honey is a product that bees process, not produce from their bodies like the other three.

I believe that the vegan community should stop making a federal case over the honey issue, and accept people who call themselves vegan that use honey personally that still agree with the rest of the vegan philosophy. Making a major case over the honey issue makes the vegan movement look very dogmatic to outsiders and turns people off from considering becoming vegan. This attitude also hurts the cows, pigs, sheep, etc because less people join the vegan movement over the honey issue.

Fortunately, there are some vegan associations who are not dogmatic over the honey issue such as Vegan Outreach:

I hope that someday, the definition of the word vegan will be officially changed to allow for honey consumption. In actual practise, that may have largely happened already.