Saturday, 19 November 2011

From Pro-life to Pro-choice: The Dramatic Shift in Seventh-day Adventist's Attitudes Towards Abortion

A study of Adventist literature showing the dramatic shift by the Seventh-day Adventist North American Church’ attitude towards one of the most fundamental rules designed by God for the protection of human life—the Sixth Commandment which forbids the murder of innocent human beings. A careful research indicating that financial profit moved the church leadership to tolerate the offering of abortion on demand services to the patients of several hospitals owned and managed by the Adventist organization.

Individual Adventists will have differences of opinion on the issue, but the Adventist organization has a lukewarm view on abortion that is very embarrassing when a pro-life person who is an Adventist finds out about it. We need to pray that the Adventist organization changes their views to a truly pro-life stance and puts it into practice.

The book is available here:


It will eventually be available at Amazon.

Monday, 5 September 2011

I've left Adventism

I have finally decided to leave the Seventh Day Adventist church! My main reason is because they have a lukewarm approach to the abortion issue. Adventist hospitals support abortions for rape, incest, serious disabilities, etc.


They claim that they do not support elective abortions (abortions for any reason), but whether or not that is true is very questionable:



I believe that most Adventist laypeople in the pews are pro-life, but that the leaders at the top of the organization itself are not as strong in that area as we would like. The Adventist organization refuses to allow for an official Adventist pro-life ministry.

Another problem I have is the trademark of the Adventist name. They are threatening lawsuits towards not only businesses that use the Adventist name without permission, but even forums and blogs! Most lawyers charge a minimum of $250 an hour and I do not feel comfortable paying my tithes and offerings towards this kind of thing.

Unlike a lot of other former Adventists you might read on the web, I still keep the Sabbath and the dietary laws. I'm also keeping the Biblical festivals as well. Instead of going to a regular church, I've decided to convert to Messianic Judaism and attend a Messianic congregation. Mine in particular is affiliated with Chosen People Ministries.

Keeping the Sabbath in Messianic Judaism is very different from keeping it with the Adventists. For example, the Sabbath in Messianic Judaism is only one of the teachings of God. It is not put on a pedestal as if it were the most important doctrine; as is the case with the Adventists. We have a good relationship with other church denominations as well.

I would be interested in meeting with other former Adventists who have joined a non-cultic Sabbath-keeping alternative to Adventism.