Sunday, 25 February 2007

How far will you go along with changes in society?

Society has changed greatly since the 80's and earlier, and in particular, the social issues. For example, if you were told in 1985 that "gay marriages" would be a nation-wide (or even worldwide) issue, you most likely would not have believed it. And if you were ask to support that issue in 1985, you most likely would not have gone along with it; even if you supported gay rights in general.

I'm not limiting this issue to gay marriages, but just using it as an example.

Let me give further explanations of the choices you have.

1) I go by moral standards that do not change

This is referring to conservative religious standards from Judaism, Christianity, Islam, etc. that do not change with the passing of time. For example, this group will always be against abortion, homosexuality, and other social type issues regardless of changes in society. Modest dress will always be the rule (especially in Islam). There would normally be no problem accepting morally neutral changes such as changes in technology, increased civil rights for men, women, disability community, visible minorities, the poor, and other morally neutral groups.

2) I go with society's changes, but only to a point

This group will generally go with changes in society but has their limits. For example, this group might support gay marriages, but not support incest marriages. Another example is that this group might support abortion, but not euthanasia of born babies.

3) I change with society no matter how radical it gets

This group will go along with just about any changes in society. For example, this group might support incest marriages. They might support marriages composed of more than 2 people. Some, but not all people who choose this one, might support pedophilia. They might support euthanasia of born babies for genetic defects or other reason. They also might support certain things that are legal for consenting adults today that may be extended and supported to consenting teenagers and even pre-teens such as alcohol, drugs, sex with partners of any age, etc. Don't think it can't happen. Remember my 1985 example. Not everyone who picks number 3 will support pedophilia, but will generally support radical changes that have yet to take place in current society.

Tuesday, 20 February 2007

Mental health expert highlights abortion's impact on men

Men are also negatively affected by abortion; not just women. The following article shows this in more detail:


Thursday, 8 February 2007

A very disturbing violation of the human rights of people with disabilities

A girl named Ashley has a severe mental disability. Her parents had her go through some operations that would stun her growth so that she would remain the height of a child for the rest of her life. The parents feel it would make it easier to take care of her than if she were a full-grown adult. Ashley's uterus and breast glands were also removed to prevent her from ever having children, menstrual cycles, and breast. The parents feel this would make her more comfortable.

My opinion on this issue is that this is a violation of Ashley's human rights. I find it shocking that even in the 21st Century, people still justify mutilations such as this, in addition to abortions and euthanasia (mercy killing) just because the person they are doing to has a disability.

You can read more about it here.

What is your opinion on this issue?

Please listen to the 1 hour audio clip at the Disability Nation website (at least the first 30 minutes which is related to Ashley):