Sunday, 25 February 2007

How far will you go along with changes in society?

Society has changed greatly since the 80's and earlier, and in particular, the social issues. For example, if you were told in 1985 that "gay marriages" would be a nation-wide (or even worldwide) issue, you most likely would not have believed it. And if you were ask to support that issue in 1985, you most likely would not have gone along with it; even if you supported gay rights in general.

I'm not limiting this issue to gay marriages, but just using it as an example.

Let me give further explanations of the choices you have.

1) I go by moral standards that do not change

This is referring to conservative religious standards from Judaism, Christianity, Islam, etc. that do not change with the passing of time. For example, this group will always be against abortion, homosexuality, and other social type issues regardless of changes in society. Modest dress will always be the rule (especially in Islam). There would normally be no problem accepting morally neutral changes such as changes in technology, increased civil rights for men, women, disability community, visible minorities, the poor, and other morally neutral groups.

2) I go with society's changes, but only to a point

This group will generally go with changes in society but has their limits. For example, this group might support gay marriages, but not support incest marriages. Another example is that this group might support abortion, but not euthanasia of born babies.

3) I change with society no matter how radical it gets

This group will go along with just about any changes in society. For example, this group might support incest marriages. They might support marriages composed of more than 2 people. Some, but not all people who choose this one, might support pedophilia. They might support euthanasia of born babies for genetic defects or other reason. They also might support certain things that are legal for consenting adults today that may be extended and supported to consenting teenagers and even pre-teens such as alcohol, drugs, sex with partners of any age, etc. Don't think it can't happen. Remember my 1985 example. Not everyone who picks number 3 will support pedophilia, but will generally support radical changes that have yet to take place in current society.


bryan45777 said...

I have a blogspot blog, too, but I'm not even sure I can find it now.It's 'bryan45777" (stitch321)

Jemdude said...

Hi Bryan, my Constitution Party friend. It looks like you have a profile, but no blog of your own for some reason.

Jemdude said...

It's interesting how mods/admins of various websites will handle this question. If you bring it up before it's at the forefront of the news, they will say, "This topic is not appropriate for this website".

Then when it does come at the forefront of the news, they end up talking about what they claim wasn't appropriate for their website.

Then after it becomes socially acceptable, they embrace it and make rules against criticizing against it. They also *pretend* not to care that you were right about their actions in the first place.

Anonymous said...
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Jemdude said...

I don't advocate killing homosexuals.

Besides, the very lifestyle they are defending is killing them.

Heywood Jablome said...

I want to go back to the Biblical days when it was OK to have slaves, men could have more than one wife or screw concubines when their wives were "unclean" and when we could stone disobedient children. Praise God!

Jemdude said...

Heywood, does that mean that you are willing to go along with any changes in society no matter how bizarre it is, as long as it's politically correct?