Thursday, 17 May 2007

Some In Democratic Underground Worried About Backlash To Their Falwell Hate Rantings

Almost from the moment that Jerry Falwell's death was announced on Tuesday, the leftwing nutroots at the Democratic Underground began gleefully dancing upon his grave. Here are just a few of their hate rants about Falwell:

Uncharitable or not, I am sorry his death was not more painful and drawn out. He did not deserve a relatively peaceful, painless and quick death.

Rot in Hell Falwell!

May Pat Robertson and James Dobson be next.

I'm putting on my dancing shoes and am going to look for his grave!

One more nail in the coffin for the hate crime that is religion.

Pretty strong stuff. Even a few of the more rational DUers thought it was over the top and are now worrying about the backlash to their extreme hate rants against Falwell. One of these DUers goes by the screen name of earthlover who is now desperately worried that this backlash will ultimately hurt the Democrats at the polls. Here is some of the nervous commentary by DUer earthlover in a thread titled, Is Our Response To Falwell's Death Hurting Our Cause?

Since Falwell's death, these boards have been inundated with posts, many of which demonstrated absolute glee at his death and judgementalism that rivaled Falwell's...

...Followers of Falwell, and there are MANY, are going to be really angry to read or hear about such hostility coming from our side, especially during this time. This will motivate them to fight their fight even harder, and they will have all kinds of ammunition now to further their cause and to try to convince everyone that Democrats are a bunch of hypocrites who show the same sort of hatred they disdain in others...

...Members of the conservative media are already picking up on the profuse hatred being spewed forth on these boards. So, to those who think these boards are just a means to "vent," remember one thing: the whole world is watching...

...Most moderates, and most sane people, and ANYONE with common sense is going to see people dancing on the grave of a still-warm body as being reprehensible, stupid and just plain rude...

...So, the question I have for you: do you have a political death-wish? Democrats have a great chance of winning in 08. However, the sort of thing I have seen about Falwell is going to help...the Republicans! They already are skilled at getting elected by painting us as anti-religion. Who would have dreamt that Democrats would act the way they have done this past day? It is a nightmare to me, but it is a dream come true for the Republicans...

To answer your question, earthlover, yes you folks on the left do have a political death wish. Don't think the over the edge hate rants against Falwell in the leftwing blogosphere will go unnoticed. Much to your evident dismay they will definitely be remembered.

If you don't have the stomach to see the unfiltered sicko hate rants against Falwell directly in the Democratic Underground, you can read a large digest of their bile in the DUmmie FUnnies.



The Truth said...

I see you read as well.

Do not mistake the rantings of Anonymous Internet people with the rationale of the Democrats at large.

Every group has its fringe, and for whatever reason, the fringe is the noisiest.

I cannot say I liked the man, but I will not dance upon his grave.

Jemdude said...

Nice to know that you are civilized about this.