Sunday, 3 June 2007

Hope for homosexuals

If you've read the article in the previous post, then you know about the health consequences of homosexuality. I'm not someone that hates homosexuals. I'm someone that cares enough about homosexuals to tell them the truth. In other words, this isn't merely Jemdude's view or the Church's view. Engaging in homosexual acts may make you feel good (in ways I'll never understand), but it is not good for you.

You probably want help getting out of the homosexual lifestyle.

If you are in this situation, then I would like to refer you to Stephen Bennet Ministries. He's a former homosexual whose been there. He no longer struggles with it, and now has a wife and kids.

I'm not going to say that getting out of homosexuality will be easy, but this ministry will help you get through this.

You can download his 30 minute testimony at the following link:
30 minute testimony

Written testimony

Home site

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