Wednesday, 29 August 2007

The problem with Mighty Markie's reasoning on the issue of children

Mighty Markie is one of the administrators in one of the message boards I sometimes frequent. He is of the opinion that only parents should be involved in child issues and that if one is not a parent, then they have no business with child issues whatsoever. To date, this is the only person I've met that thinks this way. I am going to explain why this is flawed reasoning.

1) If only parents are allowed to engage in child issues, then only parents can get involved in the pro-life/pro-abortion issues. The reasoning that anyone who is not a parent should keep out of this if flawed.

2)Some issues are not purely parental issues. A good example is the issue as to whether to lower the voting age to 16. Such an issue is a political issue as well as a parental issue. Another issue are laws outlawing spanking. These are political issues and therefore, are legitimate topics to talk about by anyone; not just parents.

3) I have my own childhood experiences to draw upon. In other words, I used to be a kid myself. I haven't forgotten what it was like to be one. I also had a little brother to guide and take care of. So the idea that not being a parent means that I have zero knowledge about kids is completely false.

4) Mighty Markie is opposed to the young marriages that I advocate. Nothing wrong with that. However, he seems to think that it is of my own thinking when in reality, it is a Bible principle that is geared toward people of conservative religious faiths. He is not a member of such a faith and yet he opposes it so much. If he doesn't like it, then he should take it up with God.

(I have modified my position on young marriages to ages 18-25 which I believe that the vast majority can wait until. Marriages at ages 16-17 with parent's permission is good in special circumstances, but not recommended for the majority of people.)

What is ironic is that he seems unconcerned about gay organizations in Canada who support keeping the age of consent at 14. Why this inconsistency is something that has yet to be explained.

5) Mighty Markie supports the "right" of parents to consent to doctors in hospitals to mutilate their child if they have a mental disabiity that makes them unaware of what is happening to them. A good example is the "Ashley treatment" where her parents consented to having perfectly healthy body parts removed to keep her "childlike". This is a violation of human rights that even parents should not break. So much for the rights of people with disabilities.

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