Friday, 23 March 2007

Gay oppression overrules freedom of religion rights in the UK

Here is one of the problems with the homosexual community. They have no respect for freedom of religion rights. A law has now been passed that makes it against the law for a religious school to teach that homosexuality is wrong. Remember, this is a private religious school; not a public school. A religious school should have the right to teach in accordance to it's faith. Government control of a religious school ends up defeating the purpose of forming a religious school in the first place.

Do you notice that nobody screams "separation of church and state" when it's the government that is interfering with church business? Homosexuals claim that they just want rights for themselves, but binding religious schools is not necessary to get those rights. What the homosexual community is trying to do is dismantle freedom of religion rights and are using "gay rights" (which is in reality, gay oppression of the religious community) as a cover in order to do that. This assault on freedom of religion must be stopped and must not spread in the rest of the world.



Robert McClelland said...

A religious school should have the right to teach in accordance to it's faith.

Islamic schools too?

Jemdude said...

Yes, I believe that Muslims deserve religious freedom; as long as they are not involved in terrorism.

Jemdude said...

A religious school is not for everybody. It is only for those who want to follow the practices of that particular religion.

If homosexuals (or anybody else for that matter) do not want to practice the Christian teachings on sexual morality, then they should attend a public school; not try to change the teachings of a religious school.