Saturday, 15 September 2007

Will worldly mods/admins of secular message boards someday enforce rules against criticising pedophilia?

I have a poll at the bottom that asks this question, and as of today, you only have 15 days left to vote in it!

I guess you are wondering why I put it there? Well, I do go to some secular message boards where some of the mods/admins grew up in politically incorrect eras and now embrace the "new morality" which is in reality, immorality. If these same people were asked to support "gay marriages" back in the 80s, they would never have gone along with it. Some of them now support it after going through a 15-20 year process of political correctness. This is similar to the frog that jumps out of boiling water when put into boiling water, but will stay in boiling water if put in cold water that is slowing heated up to the boiling point. If this type of thing worked with them accepting homosexuality, then the same method will work with other forms of "sexuality" and politically correct issues of the future that they might not accept today. After all, some people in the APA and universities are endorsing it.

Do I expect the secular mods/admins to endorse pedophilia at this time? Of course not. Doing so at this time would be similar to promoting gay marriages in the 80s. Would they endorse it in the future? I can't speak for all secular mods/admins, but there is a chance that they would accept it if the political climate changed to that kind of acceptance. Their actions will show what side they are on. There are other sexualities such as bisexuality and transexuality and there is no evidence of any opposition to these lifestyles. That being the case, it is only a matter of time when they will support pedophilia when it becomes politically correct to do so.

So don't forget to vote in my poll down below on this issue.

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