Thursday, 20 September 2007

Former gay and lesbian who have seen the light

After 29 years as a gay activist, former lesbian magazine publisher Charlene Cothran stunned the homosexual community when she announced she had become a Christian.

She has renounced her homosexuality, and changed the format of her magazine to spread the Gospel to the gay community.

full article and video

Article and 30 minute testemony of former gay man who has seen the light


-kigger22- said...

I am actually shocked to hear this. I couldn't care less if she likes women or men it has nothing to do with me.. but 29 years of being a gay activist and all of a sudden " Oh yeah btw i'm not gay anymore whooopssiiee" Like how does that happen?? Does one decide that oh well i guess after 29 years of doing this i think i want to try something different. I feel glad that she has become a believer in God and is now a Christian but i just don't understand how one can't be gay a believe in God at the same time. Yeah yeah there are the people out there that are like "Well it's Adam and Eve not Adam and Steve." But something people need to look at is God forgives all. I'm sure he can understand WHY you like the same sex because he is God.. all knowing wonderful being. Like i said good for her for becoming a Christian i'm happy for her but over her 29 years of being a gay activist she has obviously been fighting hard for gay rights and whatnot and now to do a complete turn around and try to persuade other members of the gay community to "see the light" is just ridiculous. I'm sure she understands what it felt like, over her 29 years, when people tryed to convince her to be something she isn't but now magically is. And please don't think i'm saying anything bad about God because i do believe i mentioned that I myself am a believer. Just let people do what they want to and if they so choose to stop being what they have been for X amount of years then good. ALSO i am not saying to give up what you are doing because it's never wrong to preach the word of God but just let them find their own way to it.

Jemdude said...

I guess this gives new meaning to the term "coming out"!