Wednesday, 28 November 2007

Australian pro-family group decries new prime minister

The leader of a pro-family group in Australia predicts the prime minister-elect will champion policies that are not friendly to Christians.

On Saturday, Labor Party candidate Kevin Rudd soundly defeated John Howard, who held the post for 11 years. The prime minister-elect champions issues such as global warming -- for example, he plans to ratify the Kyoto Protocol -- and vows to pull all Australian troops out of Iraq as soon as possible. Leading up to the election, Prime Minister Howard had argued before voters that "if you change the government, you will change the fundamental direction of this country."

Jack Sonnemann, president of the Australian Federation for the Family (AFF), could not agree more. He says Rudd's Labor Party will move the nation toward the political left.

"In fact, in Canberra, the Labor Party in their policy handbook says that they'll reform the law so that sexual acts between consenting minors above the age of 13 are not contrary to criminal law. He wants to lower the age of consent to 13; that's his party policy," says Sonnemann.

The family advocate also notes that no one from the Labor Party has ever promoted an AFF provision that would protect children from sexual exploitation. Rudd also promises to support homosexual rights. "We're going to have an uphill battle," says Sonnemann.


Jemdude's Comments:

I'm really going to miss John Howard. He was a good prime minister that I admired.

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Leonard said...

One thing they have in Australia, which we don't have here in Canada is an elected Senate.

The final results haven't been announced yet, but what's predicted is a tie with the the balance of power being held by the Independent Nick Xenophon and the Family First's Steve Fielding.

So it won't be an easy ride for the house bills. Especially those that are unfriendly to families.