Tuesday, 27 November 2007

Six: The Mark Unleashed

In the last days before Armageddon, a brutal dictator rules Earth. Using high-tech surveillance from satellites through a sophisticated chip implant, the Community Police Force infiltrates every facet of human existence, tracing each physical and digital footprint left behind. For humanity, freedom is just a fond memory and defiance means death. Two political prisoners (David White, Kevin Downes) meet a mysterious stranger (Stephen Baldwin) who holds the key to their escape and mankind’s survival. Unbeknownst to the prisoners, CPF agents broker a deal with an inmate (Jeffrey Dean Morgan) for his life in exchange for betraying Christian renegades. These three unlikely allies must escape the executioner’s blade, thwart a manhunt by elite CPF operatives (Amy Moon, Brad Heller) and join forces with the world’s most wanted fugitive: the leader of the resistance (Cosimo Michael). If they fail, humanity will be marked for death, the resistance will collapse and the enemy will have taken every last life.

Starring: Stephen Baldwin, David White, Kevin Downes, Jeffrey Dean Morgan, Amy Moon, Brad Heller and Cosimo Michael.

Debuted at #6 On The CBA Best Sellers List

"An entertaining movie and a useful tool for leading people to consider the claims of the Gospel." Ted Baehr, MOVIEGUIDE®

“The power of the gospel to transform the lives of the characters is shown with deeply moving reality. So real is the presentation of the plan of salvation in this movie, the viewer will be left without excuse.”
Pastor John Hagee, Global Evangelism Television

“Both Rexella and I believe this to be the greatest religious release we have ever watched. I know you will be tremendously moved as never before when viewing this Holy Spirit led production.”
Dr. Jack Van Impe, President of JVI International

Jemdude's Comments:

This is one of the best Christian movies I've ever seen! I already have the DVD of this movie and I encourage others to do the same. You can watch it in it's entirety at the following Youtube link in 11 parts. I'll put 1 of 11 here, and you can find the rest of them on Youtube:

Six: The Mark Unleashed 1 of 11


Never Give Up said...

At your recommendation, I watched it a month or two ago.

thoroughly enjoyed it.

Jemdude said...

I still watch it from time to time. There are some very interesting "deleted scenes" as well as a 40+ minute documentary on the making of this movie on the DVD.